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The north pointe cinema has six screens and opened in 2004. The website also contains movie showtimes, phone numbers, and reviews. In addition, you can find links to information about movies, including plot summaries and reviews. You can even find concessions and other information about the theater on their website. Here are some of the most popular movies at NorthPointe. And if you're looking for a great date night movie experience, the NorthPointe cinema is a great option.In Warsaw, IN, North Pointe Cinema owners recently expanded their theater complex to accommodate more films. They worked with MSKTD & Associates, Inc. on the original design and construction. They also hired MSKTD BUILD, LLC to design and construct the expansion. This $1.6 million project included the construction of three new theaters, additional office space, storage space, and a more spacious concessions area. Listed below are เทียบท้าปฐพี of the movies showing at the new theaters.
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